I have been creating art for most of my life. When I was younger, I collected comic books which are what first inspired me to draw. I was captivated by the energy and chaos that occurred in every panel. There were so many things to visually draw the reader in. Everything was drawn and arranged into dynamic energetic compositions. The characters were superheroes that were supposed to be larger than life so the imagery had to reflect that. There were a lot of diagonals and shapes arranged in the space that had the viewer’s eye constantly finding new things to look at.

In my work I find myself still creating images that have that same organized chaos. I tend to fill the space in my compositions with as many elements as I can fit into it. My goal is to make the viewer feel overwhelmed with the visual imagery. The intricate textures and number of elements create a slow reveal that forces the viewer to work to unravel what they are looking at.

Louis works in charcoal, chalk pastel, and oil paint. He also enjoys photography, though the main body of his work is drawing and painting. Louis’ work mostly focuses on the figure.

Louis is an Arizona native. He completed his undergraduate and graduate work at Arizona State University in Drawing and Painting. He currently teaches at Central Arizona College and at Arizona State University. He lives in Queen Creek, Arizona with his wife and their 3 dogs.